SMT Superior Matte Finish Practice Carrom Board for Serious Professional Practice with Coins Striker and Powder Beige (Black, Large-32AB)


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size Large-32AB
brand SMT
Colour Black
material wood
Style Family

About this item

  • PREMIUM MATERIAL- Carrom board is made of Assam plywood board for playing surface and hardwood (kicker) borders. This ensures the superior look and feel of your board to ensure years of fun at family gatherings and holidays.
  • BEAUTIFULLY ASSAM PLYWOOD AND HAND PAINTED – The carrom board is beautifully plywood and hand painted, making it a smooth playing surface. It includes four wooden borders measuring 1.5″ wide, for great rebound play, which is an important aspect of Carrot.
  • Product Description– This classic strike and pocket game is made of pinewood and frame: measures 32″x32″, playing surface- 29″x29″ and 10 black wooden coins, 10 beige wooden coins and 2 red queen coins and one striker As well as carrom powder is also included. Carrom board
  • Includes Wooden Pocket to Hold Coins – All four corners of this carrom board have wooden pockets to hold discs while playing the game. The pockets swivel so that the pieces can be easily retrieved, and they provide extra support and stability to the game board.
  • Mrs. Carrom Board does not manufacture IT ENGINEERS IT:- Our homegrown artisan selects and brings the best of Indian artistry and craftsmanship. All boards are made from handmade woods and materials. And each board is handmade by our exclusive artisan. We train and work with rural Indian artisans towards urbanization of India and create unique creative goods. Made of high durable quality wood which assures you the stability of the item.

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